Founded in 2017 by veteran designer Nora Neiterman, UNSWEETENED NEW YORK began as many startups, a side hustle. Yup, it started as an idea to get some extra cash to help support her son attend a specialized school for Dyslexia. "I was in a stage of motherhood when the boys were young, new diagnosis on the daily... my mom started getting sick and life was just tough. I was shopping for some new clothes with my boys,  we all stuffed into a small fitting room so I could try on a few tanks.  All hell broke loose....someone looked at the other the wrong way or some other brotherly occurrence. At the same time, I'm trying on a shirt that was showing my side boob and accentuating my muffin top (AKA FUPA), the graphic was about staying calm and doing yoga." Here comes the AHA MOMENT. "I thought to myself, what bullshit, where is the brand that is fitting real women’s bodies? Where is brand that is giving permission to feel real feelings, not just talking about unicorns and rainbow shit! Where is the quality and fit that will not only last, but get better with time?"


After 2 decades of designing, branding and producing textiles and products for multiple brands and retailers, Nora set out to create a brand that would combine her obsession for textiles, fashion and design with her extensive “boots on the ground” experience working at textile mills around the world and would infuse that with her real life experience as a working mother of 2 boys, the brand offers a witty and humorous take on the the highs and lows the shit that goes down in a day in the life of today’s women. Think mood ring for your body. The outcome, boutique lifestyle brand UNSWEETENED NEW YORK was born.

We pride ourselves on being strong advocates for MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS, and using our platform to normalize needing and getting support.  We continue to spread our “YOU CAN SIT WITH ME” vibe to everyone who rocks UNSWEETENED NEW YORK and beyond!

Our mission is to empower women while wearing our statement pieces. Our purpose is to offer chic and unique designs that they see and instantly connect to and say “OH I NEED THAT !

  All of our limited edition pieces are NEW YORK DESIGNED, and cut, sewn and pimped out by hand. We are  proudly MADE IN THE USA

The DNA of UNSWEETENED NEW YORK is truth, and authenticity paired with edge, fit, style, quality, detail, design, and most importantly BADASS females like you rocking our brand.

So whether you are laughing or crying, whispering or screaming, succeeding or failing, full of love or annoyed AF, YOU ARE NOT ALONE, we've got you covered.